Stress - Lesson Plan

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Did you know that during the school year the average teen reports experiencing more stress than the average adult? The YSS Lesson Plan that corresponds with the Stress information on the website is your first step in helping teens to change their experience of stress. In it, your students will learn just what stress is and how it can impact their minds, bodies and brains. Begin reducing your students’ stress with this LP that increases their knowledge and their awareness of their personal stress triggers. (If time allows, continue to reduce stress with the Stress Reduction Lesson Plan which details several methods to beat stress.)


To help shed light on stress and its effects, the following units are found in the YSS Stress Lesson Plan:

Pre-Ops: Find your triggers

Recon Mission: What is stress and how does it affect me?

Debriefing I: Self-reflective Questions: Who am I in relation to stress? 13 questions.

Debriefing II: Group Discussion Questions: Who am I? Who are my peers? 8 questions.

Field Ops: PBL: Act it out.
Field Ops: Service Learning: Your school: Help us to help you. SOP: Vocabulary: 24 words
SOP: Optics: Parents and pictures
SOP: Direct Assessment: 10 questions.

Sample Mission Objectives

To know:

           Your strengths and opportunities for improvement when working on a team

           All the information from Recon applied to the self through a hands-on,                                      in-depth experience

           Basic information about top anxiety disorders, how to spot them and how                                  someone who has them might behave/feel Basic format to conducting surveys

To do:

           Effectively manage your time/plan ahead


           Communicate research to fellow agents

           Apply research to life

To be:

          Aware of the health effects of stress

          Aware of how anxiety can affect mental health



          A contributing team member A change-maker