Presentation Topics

Today, a myriad of demands crowd your PD options, including required training for new mandates and protocols. However, your students’ academic successes hinge on teachers understanding child development, the impact of connections, brain changes and mental health. As such, consider including the topics presented here as you plan your next training day.

Moreover, the philosophy of robust social emotional learning programs focuses on parent and family inclusion as well. As such, YSS offers parent and community-oriented presentations to elevate awareness of pertinent issues children face, all of which provide strategies for developing a solid sense of self in young people today.


The basics:

All presentations include PowerPoint, interactive elements, handouts delivered in electronic form, time for Q&A and any necessary follow up. Please allow a minimum of seventy-five minutes for the actual presentation. Paula or Chris will arrive early, set up, present and stay to answer questions.


Paula and Chris work independently or together, depending on your needs. They are available for an extended day to speak to parents and educators separately, to run a workshop on one topic and then break into smaller groups throughout the day, or to work together with your school or community on a particular issue. Alternatively, you may have a particular need in mind and they’d be happy to discuss a more need-specific approach with you.

Abstract: This presentation reviews research on and introduces the core competencies of social emotional learning, SEL. Today more than ever, students are struggling and are......

I sat in on your inspiring session regarding mental health. Truly enjoyed the dialogue and was impressed with your honesty and willingness to hear the frustrations that were festering in the audience…. I love your approach to this subject and certain your advocacy will change one, if not many, lives.

Eric Edwards
PE teacher, The Chestnut Hill School, MA