Sports & Character: Changing the game – Chris Parrott

Sports are an incredible opportunity to develop some of the finest character traits: responsibility, perseverance, compassion, self-discipline, honesty, cooperation and a strong work ethic. However, our current sports culture actually undermines some of these principles and as a result, these traits are only developed through programs that consciously support and model them. This presentation provides specific strategies to change the current culture and support key character traits on and off the field.

Curious about how the brain works? This presentation will outline brain development and will focus on specific brain structures relevant to student success in and out of the classroom. Brain regions discussed cover the safe self, the emotional self, the social self and the cognitive self. When you understand how brains develop, your can tap into more areas to strengthen students’ overall self-concepts. You’ll feel empowered with information and skills to help students focus and manage their developing selves.

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