YSS & SEL Workshops

YSS and Social Emotional Learning PD

Your Self Series offers three kinds of professional development for your educators and staff. Below is an outline of each option – SEL-focused, YSS-focused or the combination.

1. Social Emotional Learning PD

You’ve decided to jump on this SEL bandwagon and train your staff accordingly. Good idea. This workshop is strictly a training in SEL techniques: The YSS team will educate your staff in a one day intensive training that includes presentations, group work, an in depth Guide with follow up materials. Continue reading for a complete outline of this PD.

Your SEL Toolbox: Theory, Practice and Skills for Success

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs provide a foundation for the core competencies that humans need to feel successful at every level of human interaction. However, to teach SEL requires skills of your own. These experiential workshops introduce you to the need for, and benefits of, SEL, and will prepare you for implementation success. You will learn the key components of a strong SEL foundation and be able to apply those components to your teaching strategies. An interactive Guide, online content and follow up materials provided. (Please allow a full day for this training.)

Each session lasts approximately one hour and includes Power Point, interactive elements and a Guide in which all educators will work.

Social Emotional Learning PD = $5,750 plus travel and accommodations, if necessary.

Session 1: Why SEL? Why Now?

Session 1 reviews research and introduces the core competencies of SEL. Today more than ever, students are struggling and are ill-equipped to handle life’s ups and downs. But when students develop SEL skills, they feel more successful, confident and resilient in life. Relevant research on mental illness, as well as connection strategies and the importance of life skills will be reviewed to demonstrate the need for SEL interventions. Participants will learn how to recognize SEL skills both within their students and within themselves.

Session 2. The SELF: The SEL Framework for Success

Session 2 focuses on child development, specifically how a solid sense of self enables students to find meaning and application to the course content you teach. A strong sense of self complements the acquisition, development and continued use of SEL skills and academic learning. A student with a weak sense of self (one that is riddled with insecurities and trauma) may face particular challenges learning and applying new information. This is why the self is the framework for SEL success. Likewise, a teacher with a strong sense of self and well oiled SEL skills has the capacity to move from being a good teacher to a great one. That is why this session begins the course-long self-reflective journey of understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses in the classroom. To aid this journey, SEL strategies that focus on compassion and connection rather than on shame and punishment are introduced. When you prioritize connection, you not only support the growth of your students’ sense of self, their intrinsic motivation and self-management skills but you also bring your best self into the classroom. Theory, connection strategies and role-play will accompany this and all subsequent sessions.

Session 3: The Cognitive Self: Neuroscience in a Nutshell

Knowing basic brain structure and function allows us to capitalize on windows of opportunity and to teach toward targeted skills. This is especially relevant when social and emotional skills are involved: by understanding how the brain wires we can help facilitate the formation of life long positive social and emotional habits in our students. Thus, brain systems involved in the construction and functioning of the social self, emotional self, cognitive self and the safe self will be examined enabling you to teach in a manner that optimizes learning and emotional competencies while continually building a strong and resilient self within your students.

Session 4: The Emotional Self: Learn The Language of Emotion

Student behavior impacts the classroom environment and therefore learning potential. Defense mechanisms are at the heart of misbehavior, but unfortunately the often used recourse to this poor behavior, punishment, only reinforces the negative self-concept contributing to the behavior. Building connections mitigates disruptions and provides an opportunity to foster emotion management, a core SEL skill that reduces disruptions. Promoting the stages of emotion management – recognizing, labeling, sourcing and regulating emotions – is a central focus of this session and key to self-control, a characteristic linked to living a more robust and productive life.

Session 5: The Social Self: Promote and Embody Pro-Social Behaviors

Today, more and more children eat alone, ride the bus in silent smartphone distraction, and consider social media as a preferred form of personal interaction. Basic social skills are increasingly lacking while empathy is declining. Yet, to connect with others and to understand their emotions is a key factor in advancing our humanity. Thus, the need to support the social self is of paramount importance, especially during the teen years when the self is evolving based on a teen’s interactions with you and others in their lives. Learning how to model and promote social skills is central to this session.

Session 6: The Physical Self: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Exercise, nutrition, sleep and the mind body connection impact learning and are an essential part of an SEL education. Without a healthy body, all social, emotional and cognitive skills are thwarted: the mind can not learn optimally without proper sleep, nutrition and physical activity. Moreover, stress and mental illness affect the ability to stay focused and on task. Yet, today’s students are experiencing high levels of stress without the resources to develop coping skills and positive habits. As such, this session walks participants through the intimate connection between the physical self and all other aspects of SEL, helping them to foster a healthy mind and body for each student. Don’t miss the relevant and timely correlation between a healthy body and strong social and emotional competencies.


SEL-Specific PD = $5,750. plus travel and accommodations.

Note: This price includes up to 25 guides depending on the number of participants. Participation numbers are not limited, but an additional fee of $15 per participant is added after 25 participants to cover the cost of each additional guide. Below is the Table of contents for the guide.

The YSS SEL training Guide Table of Contents
  • Session One: Why SEL? Why Now?
  • Session Two: The SELF: The SEL Framework for Success
  • Session Three: The Cognitive Self: Neuroscience In a Nutshell
  • Session Four: The Emotional Self: Learn The Language of Emotions
  • Session Five: The Social Self: Promote and Embody Pro-Social Behaviors
  • Session Six: The Physical Self: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  • Draw Your Core Container sheets
  • Lenses of the World
  • YSS Curriculum Overview
  • YSS SEL Professional Development Overview
  • Feedback Form (thank you!)

2. YSS-Specific PD

You’ve decided to implement the YSS program at your school and you need our help!

That’s what the YSS-Specific PD provides. Chris or Paula will come to your school and train your staff for up to 5 hours on how to implement the program from start to finish. Participants will briefly learn the story behind the creation of the Your Self Series program and then dive into the theories used in its development, including information on neuroscience, cognitive behavior therapy and the Harkness Learning Method. Attention will then turn to practice: how does one set up the classroom, set ground rules, and explain the program to students? Emphasis is continually placed on connection strategies and building a student’s sense of self. Each class format will be explained in detail so educators feel ready to enter the arena.

Finally, time will be spent to iron out program and setting logistics such as setting the calendar template for the year, scheduling the research surveys if applicable, and carving out a time for ongoing support throughout the school year. The key to successful implementation lies in ongoing communication between the school staff and the YSS staff throughout the year and, in particular, during times of transition and challenges. When in doubt, participants are encouraged to reach out to the YSS team to navigate this new territory!

Total training time for YSS-Specific PD should not exceed five hours. Power Point, interactive elements and a tour of both the Educators’ 411 and the free website are included in the training.

YSS-Specific PD = $4,500. plus travel and accommodations, if necessary.

3. The combination: YSS-specific PD combined with SEL PD

Looking for the best of both worlds? Then choose both the SEL PD and the YSS-Specific PD. Though the days may double, your team will be all the wiser.

Two day intensive training = $8,250. plus travel and accommodations. (That’s a $2,000 savings!)

Please contact Paula or Chris to learn more or book a training at your setting:

Paula@YourSelfSeries.com, Chris@YourSelfSeries.com

In order to ensure the most effective and efficient means of delivering the YSS program to students, Chris and Paula’s workshops offer a variety of instructional techniques, discussion, projects and additional resources through an enjoyable, professional and entertaining presentation.

- Rod Mergardt, Coach, Teacher, Administrator,
Past President, NYAHPERD