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Introduction: The YSS 2-for-1 approach

YSS provides a complete social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum while also meeting the needs of most Health, Advisory or Expanded Learning Opportunities programs. Additionally, YSS supports student literacy initiatives, something few other SEL programs can boast. (To see a detailed description of the NY State ELA Standards YSS addresses for grades 6-10, click here) As such, you would be hard-pressed to find a reason NOT to implement this 2-for-1 program that meets your time-challenged needs.

While the YSS program caters to academic time constraints, students and teachers appreciate the unique structure: the rotation between the resources (website, books, lesson plans) and the daily classes (from student-led to teacher facilitated) maximize impact and reduce redundancy.

Through the website, the books, and/or the lesson plans you can construct a curriculum tailor-made to suit your needs. No need to pull additional resources from various places. YSS has it all. How does YSS suit so many different settings and needs? Here’s a brief breakdown…

One of the main reason that I like the program is that students use all the skills from the NYS Health Skills Matrix throughout the entire course. The main focus being Self and Relationship Management. But communication, stress management, advocacy.....they're all interwoven throughout the entire program.

Carolyn Kaufman - Health Teacher, Westlake High School, Thornwood, NY