Program Details - An Overview

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What is Your Self Series

Your Self Series (YSS) is a social emotional learning program for middle and high school students that focuses on the defining issue of these critical years: identity development. You can teach the program in multiple ways, including:

1. As a health curriculum     2. In advisory     3. For extended school day activities     4. As a literacy initiative and/or enhancing ELA

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Specifically, the program is composed of:

  • three books (taught sequentially)
  • the free online website

As you teach the program, you will pull from both of these sources, but your students will be masters of their learning by running the course every other session. (To learn more about how the course is run, keep scrolling.) YSS is taught during the middle and high school years because identity development, a search for purpose, increased autonomy and a robust social network is at the heart of this stage of development. These are all areas YSS strives to develop. Moreover, during the early teen years, the brain is most ripe to develop a strong sense of self and positive mental health habits.

Your middle and high school students face complex social pressures, emotional turbulence, mental health issues, and hormonal changes while often struggling to create their academic foundation. As a result, many simply don’t show up for school. If there physically, when emotions run high and self-doubt creeps in, they are cognitively absent.

YSS elevates classroom learning by teaching young teens how to manage their personal distractions, develop their strengths and achieve their personal goals. Keep reading to learn how the “Connect. Reflect. Learn.” motto works to achieve these goals.

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Before we learn to teach a subject we must learn to understand each student for whom we are responsible. The Your Self Series provides the “step before the first step” of teaching. That is to teach to the “self” of each individual student Students must develop their sense of self in order to take ownership of what is taught to them both in the classroom and on the playing field of life.

I know of no other system in education to assist students with the challenge of “growing up” as powerful and effective as the Your Self Series. What Paula Prentis and Chris Parrott have created is the most complete program of skills, informational tools and practical activities available today to guide students through the minefield of adolescence.

Rod Mergardt - Coach, Teacher, Administrator, Former President of NYAHPERD