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Your Self Series is a unique social, emotional and character development program that
cultivates the skills necessary for students to lead healthy, thoughtful and purposeful lives.

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The YSS Vision

Academics alone do not determine a purposeful and meaningful life. A sense of self, a connection with others, and strong social and emotional competencies are more powerful indicators of future success and happiness.

The YSS vision video illustrates how YSS empowers teens to make sound decisions that will better themselves and the world.

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The Your Self Series program has transformed our middle and high school Health Education experience. Since its implementation into our curriculum we have truly grown our project-based, student-centered learning experience and imbedded the social emotional learning skills that are paramount to the needs of all students. Teachers have found our students more willing to share their thoughts and feelings and contribute to insightful discussion. This has created a personal awareness and social sensitivity that is essential to their success in the navigation of life and its challenges.

The Mount Pleasant CSD has been very excited about the results of what we see in our young people since the implementation of Your Self Series, I highly recommend it to any school district looking to add an SEL component to their curriculum.

Donna M. Pirro
Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics
Mount Pleasant Central School District, NY


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