The YSS Team

Here are some of the key players that help us to make Your Self Series great.

Chris Parrott

BPS Chartered Counseling Psychologist

Chris Parrott earned her BA from Dartmouth College and her MSc and Post MSc Degrees in Counseling Psychology at City University London. Chris also holds a Diploma in Hypnosis from London University and worked in the National Health Care System as one of the first therapists for General Practitioners, pioneering the implementation of therapists at that level. Since returning to the U.S., her focus has been on supporting self development in children and teens through the Your Self Series program.

Chris is dedicated to raising the level of education globally so that it focuses on empowering teens socially and emotionally. To that end, Chris presents at various national and local conferences as well as schools and community forums on topics related to building a strong sense of self. Chris lives in New York with her husband, two children, two dogs and a cat.

Paula Prentis


Paula Prentis, LMSW, is a licensed social worker with a passion for child and adolescent health and wellness. Before teaming up with Chris to develop Your Self Series, she gained experience working with children and teens through coaching soccer and track, volunteering to support trauma survivors, working in private clinical practice and serving on a variety of prevention councils. Her internships experiences at New York University provided experience working with children with developmental disabilities and high school students at one of the toughest inner city schools at the time. Then she raised her own teens and gained even more experience! 

Having spent over twenty years in mental health and wellness, Paula now shares her knowledge and skills to help people who work with or raise young adolescents. Whether through the Your Self Series website or one of Paula’s many workshops or presentations, people learn both substance and skills related to teen identity development, prevention and mental health. 

Paula currently lives in New York with her husband and enjoys just about anything that gets her outside. 

Grace Lang

Graphic Designer

Grace Lang is a New York based mixed media artist who has been creating the graphics for Your Self Series since 2009. Holding a BFA in Illustration from Parsons and a BA in Literary Studies from Lang College, her work creates surreal narratives that explore deep rooted hopes, fears and anxieties both personal and universal. She has shown in group and solo exhibitions in cities throughout the U.S. as well as completed international residencies in Beijing, Tao Hua Tan, and Berlin. As a muralist, she has painted walls in New York City, Worchester, Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston and Miami. Feeling the deep connection between art-making and positive mental health has lead her to pursue volunteer work with the Art Therapy Project in New York City, where she works with the Young Professionals Group to raise awareness to the organization’s mission. She is also proud to serve on the Board of Governors of Eugene Lang College for Liberal Arts. Grace’s work has been featured by publications including: Juxtapoz, Brilliant Bizarre, Art in New York and Create Mag. She splits her time between Brooklyn and upstate New York, where she mostly likes to draw and read.

Sarah Davis


Sarah Davis is a nutrition counselor, health coach, and wellness expert. She studied nutrition to fulfill her passion for working with individuals, and their children, to improve their health and lifestyles. As a mother of three, she practices what she preaches in her own kitchen!

Sarah received her training at Integrative Institute for Nutrition in New York City. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has obtained Continuing Education Units from Purchase College, State University Of New York. Sarah leads workshops on nutrition and offers individual health and nutrition coaching to individuals and families.

Erin Filner

Diversity and LGBTQ consultant

Erin Filner has taught social studies for over 25 years. She also works as an educational consultant facilitating a variety of workshops including: How to Talk to Kids About Race, How to Facilitate Large Group Discussions with Kids, Socratic Seminar, and Creating a Classroom Community, among others. In addition, she created C.A.T.C.H. — Conversations About Tolerance Civility and Humanity, a discussion program for kids. With a passion for social justice, Ms. Filner also helped students create Pride in Purple, a group that works to promote pride and harmony within the school community regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, or sexual orientation. She has received numerous teaching awards.