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Hello! We are Chris and Paula, founders of Your Self Series (YSS). While you are clearly concerned and involved in your child’s education, health and well-being, we, too, have a vested interest in helping our future generations – it’s the whole reason we developed Your Self Series.  We believe all children deserve a chance to grow up to be happy, healthy, purposeful and passionate individuals who feel comfortable being WHO THEY ARE.

To that end, we spent years designing this program. We worked closely with teens, conducted surveys and listened as they told us what would help them explore their passions and reach their goals.  The result is the YSS program: created with, and dedicated to, teens.

In the following boxes, we aim to answer as many questions as possible that you may have about Your Self Series, everything from its purpose and structure, to how you can support your own child in the process.

If we failed to answer one of your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.  (Yes, seriously, you can contact us!)

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Paula & Chris

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My daughter loves your program. She saves health homework for last because she looks forward to it.

- spontaneous feedback from a 6th grade parent