Research & Feedback

In 2013 YSS began conducting research when Hal Simonneti, a retired IBM research analyst, spearheaded pilot research to examine program effectiveness. The results show that YSS effected positive change after the first book was implemented with a group of 6th grade students.

2013-2014 Pilot Research Results

Students had a statistically significant improvement in self-esteem (<.01) as measured by the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale (RSE).

Students had a statistically significant improvement in cognitive emotional regulation, specifically in the areas of self blame (<.01) and other blame (<.15), as measured by the Cognitive Emotional Regulation Questionnaire (Garnefski, Kraaij).

In essence, YSS Book 1: Discover Your Self improved students’ beliefs about themselves and their ability to manage their cognitive and affective responses, exactly what it was designed to do. These preliminary results paved the way for larger more vigorous research to take place.

As such, in 2015 YSS began a longitudinal evaluation under the guidance of Arbor Educational in Vancouver. The scales involved examine 26 social emotional skill sets using a control group for comparison. The experiment group and the control group both consist of over one hundred students. The first year data (after students at the experiment school read only Book 1 of the three book series) showed statistically significant improvements in three areas compared to the control group:

  • self-esteem/identity
  • self-efficacy
  • civic responsibility

The first year data also showed an increase (though not considered statistically significant) in the following areas:

  • self-awareness
  • effective expression of feelings
  • optimism
  • less self judgement
  • feelings of isolation
  • mindfulness
  • empathy
  • perspective taking

The control group showed no statistically significant increase in any domain. In fact, the control group showed no change or a decrease in all but three domains. Year two of the data taken during the 2016-2017 school year is currently being analyzed. We look forward to sharing them with you soon. Stay tuned!!!

Feedback from Educators

Research is great but hearing people’s voices and opinions is the YSS way! Here’s what people are saying about the program.
“I love the comprehensive nature of the YSS program. The books are appealing to students, and the website is easy for adults and kids to navigate. The supplemental materials provide creative ways to engage pre-teens and teens in difficult conversations. The amount of professional support offered to educators is a huge bonus!”

~Rona Shalev, Psy.D., Head of Counseling Services, The Chapin School, NY

“All in all, the kids were literally ASKING for more. When it was time to end, all the groups expressed disappointment that we weren’t going to continue. But the boys group took the cake, they were verbally and visibly upset. They LITERALLY shut down in group and we had to process that disappointment. One student shared he ‘was just starting to get myself and now it’s over.’”

~Ritasha Taylor, YES Prep, Houston, TX

One of the main reason that I like the program is that students use all the skills from the NYS Health Skills Matrix throughout the entire course. The main focus being Self and Relationship Management. But communication, stress management, advocacy.....they're all interwoven throughout the entire program.

~Carolyn Kaufman, Health Teacher, Westlake High School, Thornwood, NY

“My class is very much based upon your textbook and the results have been absolutely wonderful. I can’t think of any topics that aren’t on the website that need to be! It had more than enough information to last me 17 weeks. Thank you for sharing your books with me and my girls. I am so thankful to know there is content out there to teach girls to love themselves.”

~Erin Weber, Health Teacher, Coffenbury Middle School, Myrtle Creek, OR

You can compare this Series to one-stop shopping! Everything an educator needs and wants for her students all presented in one package. As of recent, there have been many added pressures, mandates, standards and guidelines placed on educators. It’s beautiful to have a Series that presents meaning and a felt need for students while at the same time adhering to state and national standards in Health Education and Common Core.

Amanda Gerber - Health Teacher, Fox Lane Middle School, Bedford, NY

“I have been using the Your Self Series for the last three years with my self-contained high school students, ranging in ages from freshman to seniors. The Series provides excellent lesson plan ideas, a great continuum of discussion and is easily adapted into the lessons that I teach.”

~Brian Kittinger, Social Worker, Chicago School District 99, Chicago, Il