The Brain-Based Evolution of Mental Health: What You Need to Know to Keep Schools Safe and Students Flourishing – Paula Prentis

How do you help students to feel safe and mentally healthy? The first part of this presentation explains brain development as it pertains to teaching and embodying mental health. Expecting cognitive skills such as analyzing, planning ahead, and goal-setting without first supporting mental health will stifle education. The second part will look at red flags in the classroom and offer intervention strategies that support the developing self. Throughout the presentation, participants will learn about the Your Self Series free web-based program that meets National Health Standards, the mental health mandates that states are adopting, and aligns with the WSCC Model of school health. When students feel safe, can manage emotions and develop social skills, they thrive in school and life. This presentation explains not only best practices to teach these skills, but provides the free resources to do so.

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