What is cutting and why do people do it?

Cutting is one form of self-harm, which means literally causing harm to your self. It is when people purposely cut themselves with an object or even their own nails.

DID YOU KNOW? Other forms of self–harm include burning yourself, hitting or banging your head, intentionally keeping wounds from healing and swallowing poisonous substances. If you, or someone you know, are doing any of these things, it is self-harm.

We are focusing on cutting here because the number of teens who report cutting is on the rise. In essence, cutting, and all forms of self-harm, is a coping mechanism, meaning a way to deal with stuff that is deeply upsetting you. However, cutting (and all self-harm) is not a healthy way to manage emotional pain.

People cut to:

Express feelings they can’t seem to put into words Feelings are so intense and so overwhelming that the pain of cutting is the best way some people know how to express them. They are expressing emotions that they can’t put into words.

Release trapped pain – Think of a dam holding back water. As the dam grows too full, the pressure increases. When the dam breaks pressure is released. Likewise, some people cut to release the pressure of the pain building inside them. When they break their skin, they report intense emotions being released.

Feel in control For some people, they feel so out of control that cutting allows them to decide when they will feel the pain. In this small way they are taking control.

Distract themselves from difficulties they are facingFor some, physical pain actually becomes a distraction to the emotional pain a person is feeling. It helps them to cope with intense feelings that they feel they can’t cope with otherwise; feelings like guilt, shame, humiliation, fear, and/or anxiety.

Make themselves feel something when they have gone numb from too much pain Some people have been so overwhelmed by emotions that they now feel numb or even disassociated from the present. The pain of cutting pulls them back. It makes them feel something, even if that something is a different kind of pain.

Punish themselves because they feel guilty about something Some people feel incredibly unworthy and a sense of shame. These feelings about themselves make them believe they deserve to be punished for something and cutting provides that punishment.

People who self-harm do not want to die, they simply want to feel something and/or manage their pain.

Yes, it can be very difficult to explain how you feel sometimes. (That is why these posts are full of questions to help you look deep inside yourself and maybe come up with some answers to help you feel better!) But cutting is not the best answer, it carries some large risks. Most important, it’s a signal that someone is hurting emotionally. The pain is what needs to be addressed… we’ll get to that in a moment… first some signals that someone may be cutting:

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What's being said

  • Riley
    Posted at 01:57h, 18 December Reply

    oh god yeah, ts been bad recently,….

    • Evan Sheets
      Posted at 17:18h, 10 February Reply

      Riley, please reach out and talk to someone. You deserve to feel better.

  • WLKHS1306
    Posted at 12:51h, 11 October Reply

    I have never considered cutting myself. My life is in a good spot and I have never been through depression. I have gone through some sad times and ha some anxiety but not to a point where I would ever try to hurt myself because I want to live a long healthy life and not end it so quickly and in such a bad way.

  • Shanell
    Posted at 15:36h, 05 March Reply

    I have considered cutting myself lots of times. I still do but now I don’t actually cut myself. I still have lots of scars but I promised myself not to create more.

    • nye
      Posted at 23:13h, 17 October Reply

      how did u stop

  • Lola
    Posted at 21:17h, 20 January Reply

    I do cut, A LOT. All my friends say “whats that on your arm?” I say “The cat did it. Only my closest friends know i don’t have a cat. I just want to end it all but at the same time i am scared.I don’t think 6th graders are so posed to think about this kind of stuff, My parents don’t notice and if they did they don’t seem to care. I need help.

    • chris
      Posted at 17:04h, 07 February Reply

      Lola, Please find a trusted adult to whom you can speak. We want you to be happy and healthy–you deserve it. Everyone does. Please reach out to someone.

  • Ella
    Posted at 20:49h, 28 November Reply

    Yes and I have cut I have been cutting for 1 year but I have been trying to stop for 7 months

    • chris
      Posted at 18:59h, 29 November Reply

      Keep it up!! You are worth it!! And if you are struggling, reach out to someone for help.

    • Lola
      Posted at 21:18h, 20 January Reply

      At least you try to stop.