Bonus YSS: Questions & resources for those who cut

What is the “real” pain?

As mentioned, cutting is a way to feel something (anything!) other than the emotion that is difficult to feel (for whatever reason). A difficult situation may trigger the “need” to cut, but that difficult situation is really bringing up painful emotions from the past (usually painful false beliefs about yourself). That “real” pain is what is actually causing the perceived need to cut in the first place. That “real” pain needs a name.

What do you call that deep pain? Imagine you could give it a name separate from your self. Maybe that pain is an abusive individual from whom you need to break free. Think about discussing this idea with a mental health professional. Think about exploring these feelings so you don’t need to cut.

What would it say?

If your method of self-harm had a voice, what would it say?  Another way to ask this question is, if the blood could talk, what would it say? Yes, that sounds a bit gross, but cutting releases blood as well as emotion. Imagine what is being released in you. What words, thoughts, feelings or images come to mind? How are they expressed through cutting?

These questions are not easy, but they are a HUGE step toward taking back control.


Tara took back control and you can too. Below are some resources to check out. They may be able to help you take that critical first step. Hey wait, you already did take a first step by reading this post. Thank you!

First: Download an app: to help with emotions, mindfulness and more.

Some of the information for this post came from the following site. The site may be a resource to you as well.


1-800-DONT CUT

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