What Would U Do: Cutting

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Your friend asks you to grab her phone from her bag. While in there, you notice a bag full of razor blades. When you look at your friend, you notice she is wearing long sleeves… on this hot summer day. In fact, come to think of it, you can’t remember when she last wore a short sleeve shirt. You would…

When will it be?

How well do you know her? How can you be so sure?

Blunt. To the point. But will it embarrass her?

Will that embarrass her? If so, will that make things better or worse?

Solid. Nice thinking.

The subtle approach to make sure.... what if she won't change shirts?

Not so subtle. And expensive.

Always a solid option.

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You’re friend confides in you that he has started to bang his head against his locker after any game that his team loses or that even any game that he feels he didn’t perform his best. He says it’s both a punishment and a way to forget about what happened. You would….

Do you think anyone will notice?

Now that's a good look... he's sure to wear it every where!

A solid option.

You said what you felt was right. is once enough? Where do you draw the line?

You said what you felt was right. You'll keep an eye out to see if you need to take further steps. Good thinking.

Are they all reliable and empathic? If you don't know, maybe consider just a few close trustworthy friends?

X. Wrong answer.

Always a good choice.

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You are at a party and some of the “cool” kids start talking about how they cut, you know - just like that singer. They turn to you and ask you if you have ever cut. You would….

Maybe a few more book chapters are in order? What makes you feel as though you need to lie to them? What worries you?

Maybe a few more book chapters are in order? What makes you feel as though you need to lie to them? What worries you?

You are being honest. Will you be honest enough with your self to try to stop?

The truth is good. Well done.

Good for you for saying what you feel. Just make sure you have empathy for them... if they are cutting, most likely they don't feel "cool" inside.

Well done. You are staying true to your values and feelings.

Being on the hot seat is tough. Leaving gets you off of it. We understand that.

Please review the self harm posts!

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