Why Social Emotional Learning? Why Now?

Abstract: This presentation reviews research on and introduces the core competencies of social emotional learning, SEL. Today more than ever, students are struggling and are ill-equipped to handle life’s ups and downs. But when students develop SEL skills, they feel more successful, confident and resilient in life and their academics improve. Relevant research on mental illness, as well as connection strategies and the importance of life skills will be reviewed to demonstrate the need for SEL interventions. Participants will learn how to implement a program into existing subjects and the materials needed to do so. Participants will also learn how to recognize SEL skills both within their students and within themselves. When you support these fundamental skills in your students, you increase their intrinsic motivation, resilience and self-regulation skills. This overview of all you really need to know about SEL enables you to bring your best self into the classroom and make a lifelong impression on your students.

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