Alcohol - Lesson Plan

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Alcohol use kills more more teens than all other illegal drugs combined.  That’s a sobering fact.  The YSS Lesson Plan that pertains to the Alcohol Unit helps teens more successfully navigate who they are and how they will make decisions in this area of their life that is often laden with peer pressure and mixed messages.

Within this unit, teens tackle tough questions such as: Who am I in relation to alcohol?  Who will I choose to be when faced with peer pressure?  What are my expectations from myself? From my family? From my friends? How will I maintain control?


To find the answers to the above questions, the Alcohol Unit contains the following components:

  • Pre-Ops: Assessing the bombardment
  • Recon Mission: Gathering alcohol facts and separating them from fiction
  • Debriefing I: Self Reflective questions: Who am I in relation to Alcohol? 16 Questions.
  • Debriefing II: Group Discussion questions: Who am I? Who are my Peers? 8 Questions.
  • Field Ops: PBL: Brick Building
  • Field Ops: Service Learning: Locating Support Services
  • SOP: Vocabulary: 32 words
  • SOP: Optics: Estimating Use
  • SOP: Direct Assessment: 12 Questions.

Sample Objectives:

To know:

  • The basic information about alcohol contained in the posts listed above
  • How they feel about alcohol
  • How others have impacted their thoughts, actions and habits around alcohol

To do:

  • Think critically about the information
  • Interpret the information
  • Express themselves verbally

To be:

  • Applying the information to who the agent thinks he or she is
  • Forming new self-concepts in relation to the material
  • Developing proactive measures when confronted with peer pressure situations around the topic of alcohol
  • Identifying themselves or someone they know to be at risk for abuse and/or addiction