STI’s - Lesson Plan


No one wants an STI, but millions of people every year contract them.  How can you help your teens with this important, yet often uncomfortable topic? By using the YSS Lesson Plan Unit that corresponds with the STI website material.  It contains creative activities that engage your teens and thus reduce the discomfort many of them feel in discussing this subject.  Most important, the missions in this Lesson Plan Unit engages their self allowing them to find the courage to practice safe sexual relationships when they are ready.


The YSS Lesson Plan Unit for STI’s includes:

  • Pre-Ops:  Preparation for PBL… and safe sex..
  • Recon Mission: STI anyone?
  • Debriefing I: Self Reflective questions: What will I do to ensure my sexual health? 10 Questions.
  • Debriefing II: Group Discussion questions: Arming yourself and others against STI’s.   7 Questions.
  • Field Ops: PBL: What did you “win?”
  • Field Ops: Service Learning: Don’t let history repeat itself.
  • SOP: Vocabulary: 22 Words.
  • SOP: Optics: STI’s by the numbers and/or STI in character.
  • SOP: Direct Assessment:  10 Questions.

Sample Mission Objectives:

To know: 
  • What constitutes sex by law
  • How STI’s are transmitted and how they are not
  • The different STI’s and the risks associated with them
To do:
  • To think critically about the information
  • To interpret the information
  • To express themselves verbally
  • To recognize patterns of behavior that increase the risk of STI infection
To be:
  • To apply the information to the self both to create appropriate boundaries and strategies for staying healthy