Smoking - Lesson Plan

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The earlier a person starts to smoke the greater the chances of a premature death due to smoking.  Help your teens to avoid smoking at an early age and all through out their lives.  The YSS Lesson Plan that corresponds with the Smoking (and Smoking Q&A) website material allows your teens to fully examine the impact smoking has on their overall health.  Have your students think about what is says to the world about themselves when they smoke and what is says to their peers when they choose to abstain.


The YSS Lesson Plan Unit for Smoking (and the Smoking Q&A) includes:

  • Pre-Ops: Your smoking environment
  • Recon Mission: Smoking, addiction and how to stay healthy (or quit)
  • Debriefing I: Self Reflective questions:  To smoke or not to smoke? 8 Questions.
  • Debriefing II: Group Discussion questions:  What are you portraying to others when you smoke? 10 Questions.
  • Field Ops: PBL: Smoking is like breathing through a straw.
  • Field Ops: Service Learning: Build awareness nationally and locally.
  • SOP: Vocabulary:  22 Words.
  • SOP: Optics: No smoke screens allowed and/or The smoking world according to your peers
  • SOP: Direct Assessment:  12 Questions.

Sample Mission Objectives:

To know:
  • The path nicotine takes in the body
  • The effects nicotine has on the body
  • The impact of tar and its related diseases
  • Why smoking is addictive
  • How addiction alters the brain
  • What tolerance is
  • Tips for quitting if needed
To do:
  • To think critically about the information
  • To interpret the information
  • To express themselves verbally
  • To recognize any pressures to smoke
To be:
  • Applying the information to who the agent thinks he or she is
  • Forming new self-concepts in relation to the material
  • Finding new coping strategies to handle any pressure to smoke