Bonus YSS: Know what you want

Stella and Stephanie are on the phone:

Stella: “Where’s Franco, why aren’t you hanging with him tonight?”

Stephanie: “He’s with his friends tonight.”

Stella: “Again?”

Stephanie: “Well, yeah. I guess so. I mean he does prefer to hang out with his guy friends than with me. He calls though, when he wants to be with me.”

Stella: “And you’re okay with just going along with what he wants? What about what you want?”

Stephanie: “I guess I really need to think about what I want.”

What advice would you give Stephanie if you were Stella? Even if this were two guys talking and you are a guy, what advice would you give?

Stephanie seems to be okay with Franco’s behavior. Would you be? Do you think she is making excuses for Franco or giving him “guy time?” Is she showing boundaries and good communication with him? How do you find the right balance between friend time and relationship time? How do you imagine this relationship will go in the long run? Do you think Stella will be happy? Do you think she will be treated well? Do you think she is an equal in the relationship?

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