What Would U Do: Dating Abuse

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You really like the new guy (girl) in school. You're like totally attracted to him (her) and he (she) keeps eyeing you as well. You hear that he (she) has a history of stalking and jealousy. The rumors are that the last person he (she) dated had to call the police when they broke up. You would:

Yes. Rumors fly around all the time. But when it comes to your safety, is it safe to ignore them?

Playing hard to get will not give you any insight into whether or not the rumors are true. Are you willing to risk that? How can you know you are safe?

That's a logical start- showing that even though your emotions are heated up, your mind is still thinking clearly. You don't know if the rumors are true, and you don't want to judge anyone unfairly, but caution is a good thing when it comes to your safety.

You are playing it super safe. What happens if the rumors prove to be false?

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You and your best friend used to hang out all the time, but now that she is dating Jacob, you never see her anymore. She says Jacob doesn't like it when she spends time with her friends when she could be with him instead. She says, she's sorry and she misses you too but she doesn't want Jacob to get mad at her. You would:

You don't have to say another word, but are you worried at all? You should be. The relationship has signs that it may become abusive. You might do well to keep that in mind… and perhaps NOT keep your mouth shut.

Well, if not feeling good about your self puts you at risk for abuse (which it does) you may just have put the nail in the coffin for your friend. You have the right to be friends with whoever you choose. Just think about how your friend might feel if you do this.

You are looking out for the safety and best interests of your friend. Jacob's behavior is a warning sign of POSSIBLE future abuse. The more you communicate your concerns the more aware the both of you can be about the relationship.

Since when did you have to start asking permission from people to see people? This puts Jacob even more in control.

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Your friend Liam is head over heels for Tia. They have been dating for months and all he can do is talk about how into her he is. But then you notice that Liam starts to avoid her sometimes when in public. Then, yesterday, you turned the corner to see Tia pushing him up against the wall and yelling at him. Liam looked totally dejected. He didn't see you and later when you ask him about Tia, he says everything is great and changes the subject. You would:

Talking to your friend about what you saw can feel uncomfortable, but good friends do speak up when they are worried. Are you?

Being honest with your friend is a sign that shows that you care. Tia may be crossing the line into abuse and letting him know that you are worried about that could be the best thing for him.

Will you be able to follow him everywhere? What if you witness that behavior again? Will you say something then?

Are you threatening Tia? Is that calming the situation or making it worse? You may be standing up for your friend, but can you be assured that Tia won't take it out on Liam?

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