What is divorce?

Divorce is a legal act that ends a marriage.  It cancels the marital vows the two people made to each other at the time of their marriage and sets forth new rules and contracts (mentioned below). Through the legal process of divorce, and often with the help of lawyers or a mediator, certain things are negotiated, including: 

-A fair distribution of the joint finances [meaning money]

-A fair distribution of the marital property [like houses, cars and jewelry, aka assets]

-A contract that outlines where the children live and when they have visitations with the other parent. (Sometimes children split their time evenly with both parents. Sometimes one parent will have the children all the time… it varies greatly.)

Other aspects of the divorce agreement differ from family to family according to specific circumstances. Rarely are two divorces the same. If you have specific questions about your parent’s divorce, try asking them. 

All of the decisions are usually made by the adults, attorneys (lawyers), judge and sometimes a law guardian for minors [children under 18], if the court feels one is necessary. 

You do not have to worry about making decisions, but this does not mean that what you think and feel is not important. It is! Read on.

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