Bonus YSS: The self: a quick quiz on why it matters…

Care of and knowledge of your self is likely the most important journey and destination you have on the road of life.

Self: who you believe you are, your nature or character, your identity. It also has a lot to do with stuff like dignity, self-worth, self-respect and reputation. [Yeah, small, inconsequential, meaning-of-life stuff like that:-)]

How many times have you heard someone say, “Be true to yourself”?

How many times have you found yourself saying, “Be yourself”?

What is that self thing all about anyway?

What does it have to do with mental health?

What will knowing who you are really get you in life, anyway? (Uh, like, everything….)

To answer all those questions, let’s enter into a little pretend party, a very wild and extravagant shin-dig where your self is going to have to make some choices:

The first person you meet at this party asks you if you will pose naked for a photo. If you do, then you will be considered the coolest person in school.

The second person tells you that the best tasting vodka and amazing drugs are in the next room and that you have got to try them or risk being considered a total loser and asked to leave the party.

The third person is absolutely dreamy and someone whom you’ve been dying to get to know. He/she asks you to help write a mean anonymous email to the kid in your grade that everyone picks on.

Which response generally feels more like your response in any one of the above situations:

1. Absolutely. I have no problem doing that. If it makes me more popular, accepted, seen and heard, then I’m all over it.

2. Well, I’m not totally comfortable with the idea, but I worry that if I don’t do it, then people might not like me and no one will invite me to another party. I get that these things are not “right” but I would actually feel really uncomfortable saying “no” in case people think I’m not cool or something.

3. This is a totally stupid idea. It’s morally wrong (maybe even against the law), goes against everything in which I believe, and I have better friends with whom I’d like to spend my time than with people who force me to step outside of my comfort zone. I’m outta here.

Okay, wanna learn more about your self depending on which answer you just chose? Then click on one of the next three posts depending on your answer. If you chose the first answer, click on the next post. If you chose the second answer click on the second post, the third answer the third post…..

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  • WLKHS2205
    Posted at 15:31h, 08 March Reply

    Being sad is not being happy with yourself or your decisions.