Bonus YSS: If you chose the third response: stupid idea

This is a totally stupid idea. It’s morally wrong (maybe even against the law), goes against everything in which I believe, and I have better friends with whom I’d like to spend my time than with people who force me to step outside of my comfort zone. I’m outta here.

This response comes from people who feel confident, empowered, centered and aware of who they are when faced with peer pressure. This person knows what he/she believes in and how he/she wants to act in order to show the world those beliefs.  This person doesn’t care if others view him as a “dork” or a “loser” because this person, deep inside, knows that he isn’t one.  This person knows that he is great.  Other people calling him names is like listening to a child saying she’s got superpowers – it just isn’t true and it really doesn’t matter.

Knowing who you are, knowing your self, creates a solid foundation from which a purposeful and contented life will grow.

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