What Would U Do: 3 Tips for Mental Health

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Jenna, your friend, is also the school gossip. She gossips about everybody and everything. One day, you hear that Jenna told Lucy that you have a crush on Sumil (which you did tell Jenna in secret). You would think:

Do you think maybe you are partly to blame? I mean you DID know that Jenna was the school gossip - your friend, yes - but also the school gossip. It doesn't make what she did right, but you can protect your self better in the future.

Ummm... did you read the "don't take things personally" sub-post? This isn't about you... Jenna does this to everyone. It's not personal. Maybe not right, but not personal.

You got it. That is Jenna. And that's a perceptive you. You won't make the same mistake twice.

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You have identified that one of your buttons is “feeling left out”. (Let’s pretend your parents worked so hard that they barely have time for you and this has made you feel like you are worthless if you are not included in people’s plans. Just pretending!) You find out that there’s a secret society at school and that your good friend, Mick, is a member. You would:

Hmmm.... back to the "button" sub-post maybe? Doesn't Mick always have your back on everything else?

Can you say, "HOT BUTTON????" Go back to the sub-post. You need to dis-connect this button before someone gets hurt, especially you.

We sympathize, but that may not be the most ADAPTIVE response around... maybe read Tips 3?

Ah, now there's a little perspective. What will you do to deal with being bummed?

Nice. You get it. You are rewiring your buttons and setting up for a better future.

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Your friend confides in you that she has this general feeling that she is not good enough for anyone. She fears that she will never have a partner when she gets older and that she will amount to nothing. You would:

Will you sign it with a paw print? A nice gesture but maybe not the most realistic? What happens when she wants to text Hank while setting next to you?

Check the box for a good friend. Bravo.

With friends like you, who needs enemies, right? (Did we rile you up?)

You are a good friend.

Thank you!

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You are asked to make a speech in front of the entire school for mental health awareness day. All the popular kids in school are making fun of it, calling it “mental day” and saying that anyone involved is “crazy.” You would:

Because you hate making speeches or because of what people are saying? Just make sure you stay true to you.

Interesting... a ski mask? the Scream mask? Snow White?

Strong sense of self. Likely to get a standing "O." Well, we give you one, any ways.

Maybe read up a little on your sense of self in the Bonus YSS?

Clever. Very Clever.

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You are with your best friends who decide they want to write graffiti on the door of your least favorite professor. You would:

Hmmm. Adaptive response for stating in tight with your friends. Mal-adaptive for staying out of detention, avoiding punishment and keeping your record clean. Just sayin'.

So you know it's not right but you still have contributed. Yes, yes you have if its your phrase that foes on that door.

Sounds like your sense of self isn't as healthy as it could be, but we get that peer pressure can be tough. However, how many coughing fits can you have over time? What will be your excuse next time?

Ohhh.. almost. You know it's not right, but your sense of self needs to pump a little iron. Keep trying to build it.

Good job- way to stay true to your self.

Strong sense of self you have there. We like it.

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