Bonus YSS: If you chose the first response: absolutely

Absolutely. I have no problem doing that. If it makes me more popular, accepted, seen and heard, then I’m all over it.

This response likely stems from a person who has not spent a lot of time considering who he or she truly is and what matters in life. This is the response from the person who has a weak sense of self. (Ouch! Is this painful to read? Sorry, but it’s a wake up call. Ring ring. Sound familiar? Has anyone tried to tell you this stuff before?) This person will likely do whatever other people think is cool and live by other people’s beliefs about what “cool” is. His/her sense of self comes from the outside – it is dependent on what other people think.

What other people think, changes by the minute. Therefore, what this person does, will change with each situation. The person with a weak sense of self or one that is dependent on “the coolness factor” is a person that will end up in a ton of risky situations and will ultimately be left feeling lost and confused. Don’t wake up at age 25 and ask, My goodness, who am I and how did I get here? Wake up now and decide who you are, how you feel and where YOU choose to go in life.

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