How do you know if you are mentally healthy?

At the most basic level, being mentally healthy includes things like:

  • feeding yourself, dressing yourself, maintaining your physical health and proper hygiene (do you do that?)
  • showing consideration and responsibility for your actions both toward yourself and with respect for others (do you do that?)
  • having enough awareness of who you are and your morals to know when something seems right or wrong (do you have that?)

If you answered “yes” to those questions in parenthesis, great! If you didn’t, don’t worry because there are degrees of mental health: Consider it like a spectrum from seriously mentally ill, to just able to deal with life, to rocking in your mental health.

Most teens are usually slightly to the right of the middle of the spectrum – dealing with life, but still training their brains for ultimate mental health. However, the teen years are a tough time for some due to the changes taking place both in the brain and body as well as some pretty adverse life conditions. As such, many, many teens do feel vulnerable to common mental health issues like depression and anxiety. (You can read much more about them in the anxiety and depression posts after you finish reading these posts, of course!: anxiety, depression.)

To evaluate your own mental health try this: just sit quietly for a few minutes and think about how you feel most of the time. Are you:

happy, sad, confused, hurt, angry, grumpy, joyful, tearful, frustrated, elated, laughing, playful, stressed…..

Name some emotions you feel on a regular basis.

If the emotions you named could mostly be considered negative, and you feel these feelings most of the time, then you might want to think about improving your state of mind – improving your mental health.

Kate listed a whole lot of positive feelings for herself and realized that her outlook on life is pretty great. Hence, she loves life and is optimistic about her future.

Stephen listed a whole lot of negative feelings for himself and realized that his outlook on life is pretty poor. Hence, he is down on life and pessimistic about his future.

How can Stephen go from this pessimistic idea of his future to an optimistic one? Keep reading to find out;-).

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