What Would U Do: What is Mental Health?

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You can’t sleep, have no appetite & can’t focus. Your BFF says, “I think you might need to see someone to help you.” You would:

This pushed a nerve in you.... Uh.. maybe finish reading the Mental Health section first.

That's what friends are for...

That's what parents are for...

A solid choice. No harm in it, right?

A good start but remember the web won't let you cry on its shoulder or hand you a tissue.

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You notice that Percy, the loner, is muttering about alien ships and the need to protect ourselves. You would:

Better safe than sorry? Ha ha. We love humor.

Wow, proactive. Good detective work, too. Are you going to work for the CIA?

Do you sign it? He might think it's from aliens if you don't... hmmm... What else could you do?

Good thinking. Preferably one that is not trying to make alien contact. (We are so funny.)

Good thinking, unless they're from Mars. Seriously, the Martian parents are not as open to mental health, so just be sure;-)

Just make sure the talk is intentional - to help - not to gossip or make fun of Percy. But we know you knew that.

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You catch Giant Jim, torturing his pet cat. He tells you to “Mind your own business or you’ll be next.” You would:

You're thinking, "Ladies, have you SEEN how big Jim is???" We're thinking, "Mental Health alert!" Please talk to a trusted adult.

He does need help. Let's just make sure you don't. Good for you for telling it to him straight, just make sure you stay safe. People who are really disturbed sometimes doesn't realize it, or care. This is a job for a pro.

Good thinking. Nothing wrong with your mental health in this answer. Parents will know who to call.

We get the Jim is BIG and we get that you want to help and maybe this will. But perhaps you might also consult an adult you trust. Do you know his parents well? Might his parents contribute to the problems? If you don't know, don't risk it.

Interesting option. Helps the animals and we love that... what can we do to help Jim?

Friends are great for comfort and ideas, but in dealing with a mental health issue like this, we also advise speaking with an adult.

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