Updated June, 2018.

DID YOU KNOW? 20% of kids will have a depressive episode by the time they are 18.  



Man, I am like totally depressed.

Really? Why? Are you seeing someone for it?

What? What are you talking about? I’m not dating anyone – you know that – and dating is not going to help how poorly I played in today’s game.

 Oh right. Sorry, but you said you were depressed so I was worried.

No, I’m just bummed.  Not really depressed although I think Viktor on our team may be. He is just really not himself these days and, well, frankly it’s affecting his game.

What do you mean by not himself? And how do you know if someone is really depressed and not just sad?

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What do you think the difference is between clinical Depression and feeling sad?

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What's being said

  • WLKHS2217
    Posted at 15:37h, 08 March Reply

    To me, feeling sad is short term. You can easily bounce back after you lose a sports game, or get a bad grade on a test. However, with clinical depression, you always feel down, even with positive things going on. You feel lost, like your life is spiraling out of control and you lack the motivation to do anything about it.

  • 2101
    Posted at 15:38h, 01 March Reply

    Feeling sad is just a temporary feeling and being clinically depressed is where you’re sad too much of the time to the point where you need to get help.