What Would U Do: Depression

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Your friend has been looking pretty rough lately. You ask him what’s up and he says “Nothing much” with a big shrug. But you notice that he seems really down and calls you, and everyone else, less and less. You would:

Everyone does need private space. That's good that you respect that. But please do also think about when you will say something. At some point, privacy will have to come second to safety.

We understand how you feel. Discussing uncomfortable emotions can be, well, uncomfortable. But will you be more embarrassed when your friend turns out to be seriously depressed and you never said anything.

Good for you for doing something and keeping an eye out for him. But what if he doesn't come over? What will you do then?

Good for you for expressing your feelings. What will you do if he does not text back?

Good for you for doing something and keeping an eye out for him. But what if he does seem really down?? How will you approach him? What exactly will you say?

Good for you for doing something and keeping an eye out for him. That's a good friend. And a trusted adult is always a solid choice.

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You have been feeling really sad lately. In fact, when you think about it, you can’t remember the last time you were happy to get out of bed and face the day. You don’t want to be with your friends that much and recently, you find that you are irritable and can’t sleep. You would:

Did we just hear a gong go off in the background? You are showing signs of depression. Do you think a medicated night's sleep is the best answer?

Or not. These are signs of depression and depression tends to spiral down, not up. So FYI, if you do choose this line of attack… it's not much of an attack.

A solid plan. Just make sure you keep to that time limit.

A solid plan. What will you do with whatever comes up? Make sure you have some the support you need.

Excellent. That is what friends are for.

Excellent. Supportive parents are always a good first step.

Dogs are excellent that way. Only, even though venting to your dog may feel good (and safe) it might not be enough to shift how you feel. Maybe a back up plan?

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Your friend, who was hospitalized once a year ago for a suicide attempt, tells you that she has stopped taking her depression medication. She says she doesn’t need it but that she hasn’t told her therapist or her parents. She says, “They would just freak out. They always over react to everything, and like really I’m fine.” You would:

When will it be your business? What else does she have to say to make it your business?

Good to keep a closer watch. Also think about just when will you say something to her or someone else? What will make you hit your tipping point? She may already be at hers.

That's honest and a good friend.

What if your friend denies it to her parents? Will she know you are the one who put the note in? These are just things to consider. You are trying to protect your friend. That's good.

If you can do that, that could be very helpful. What will you do if you can't find her?

Umm… will that help her? Or you?

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If a friend confided in you that s/he is feeling really depressed lately, you would:

Hmmm… did you read the post on empathy? Did you read the depression post?

Good idea. And what else would you do for them?

Are you prescribing it too? Only a doctor can determine is someone should be on medication, but maybe your friend does need it. How can you help your friend explore the right options for him/her?

Feeling blue sometimes is normal, but how do you know that is what your friend meant? When will you worry?

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Your friend tells you that he is on anti-depressant medication. You would:

Hmmm… did you read the post on empathy? May we politely suggest that you do?

Did you read the post on OTC and prescription medications? May we politely suggest that you do?

Being supportive is being a good friend. Are you sure that EVERYONE else will be a good friend? May we politely suggest that you think about who you tell (if anyone)?

Being supportive is being a good friend and probably is exactly what your friend needs at this point. Keeping the secret is solid as well. Your friend didn't tell you in group text, so chances are he/she is choosing who to tell. He/she does have that right.

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