Daydream n. 1. A reverie indulged in while awake.

Your crush is walking towards you, eyes deadlocked on yours, closer and closer, until finally your crush is standing right in front of you, lips inches from yours and then….

The bell goes off ending math class and you realize you haven’t heard a word the teacher has said in the last 45 minutes, including the information that is going to be on the test tomorrow. Ugh!!  But, boy, did your crush look amazing in your daydream….

Daydreams serve such a great purpose. Despite the fact that they may drop your grade point average on occasion, they provide a huge safety zone when it comes to the world of crushes.

Just think about it… that is about daydreams themselves for a moment, not about your crush (we promise this won’t take long).

News flash:  Daydreams are a safe way to experience your crush.

Daydreams allow you to explore how you want to be with your crush without ever having to get hurt. This is why they are so great; you get to experience a lot of the fun with very little pain.

The phrase “with very little pain” is used as you may experience some pain because a.) It’s sometimes disappointing to wake from a daydream only to realize it wasn’t real. b.) It can be a little embarrassing when you realize you have sighed your crushes name out loud and everyone is now looking at you. And c.) You get a C- on your algebra test because you weren’t paying attention.

And don’t worry, most of us dream up very crazy scenarios in our heads that we know would not actually ever happen. That’s actually part of the safety: thinking about things that are not likely to happen is safer sometimes than thinking about things that possibly could. Dreaming that you meet your crush in a field of poppies wearing your most beautiful gown? Not likely to happen, but boy did you look good.  Dreaming of walking into the auto-body shop and there’s your crush in dirty oil smeared jeans asking how to change brake pads? Not likely either, but those jeans were nice.

So give yourself a break and have fun with the daydreaming. Just remember to check back to planet earth every once in a while. (Note: If daydreaming becomes an obsession and you do find yourself unable to concentrate on anything else, please talk to someone about that. No need to have everything around you fall apart while you are deep in thought.)

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  • WLKHS11
    Posted at 02:45h, 09 November Reply

    People who ae thinking of someone 24/7 and they dont lie you back and you’ve tried i think no matter how much you lie this person you should try and give it up even if you guys were like a thing

  • WLKHS1410
    Posted at 14:06h, 08 November Reply

    It was with Cole Sprouse. Enough said.