What Would U Do: Crushes

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You’re in la-la crush land for about 4 minutes straight during math class. When you finally snap out of it you vaguely recall your teacher saying, “And that’s what you’ll need to know for the test tomorrow.” Completely caught off guard, the bell rings and everyone is out of there. You:

Must be a great daydream… maybe follow it up with the dream about getting your grade back in math?

Does your teacher really need to know about the mud pit?

Will that strengthen the friendship?

Ahhh, isn't that what friends are for? What if your friend asks you why you spaced out?

Will your parents know what is on the test? Will the internet provide the answers? If so, at least you won't have to explain the mud pit to the internet.

Question 2 of 3

You’ve taken the love-me/love-me-not quiz which has revealed (quite unfortunately) that she loves you not. Faced with this bleak reality, you decide to:

Hot diggity! Will your crush like all the colors?

What if she asks you why or who you have as a crush?

No risk no reward, but no potential embarrassment either. Which do you prefer?

What will you dream about today?

Question 3 of 3

Your crush that you have been daydreaming about for over 4 months now, finally approaches you in the hall. He/she sheepishly looks at the ground, then in your eyes and says, “Hey, um, like I know you are best friends with Sam and I like have a huge crush on Sam. Do you know if Sam likes me? Would you be willing to ask for me?” You don’t know if Sam likes your crush- you have kept your feelings a secret! You would:

How do you feel when you go to bed that night? How do you feel when you next see Sam?

We're so sorry. Did you call the janitor? Were your crushes shoes ok?

You seem to be trying to be a really good friend. How will you handle your own feelings? Will you tell Sam?

How do you think Sam is going to handle it all? How will you handle it if Sam says, "Yes I like your crush too. Please let him know for me?"

You went for it! How does that feel?

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