Bonus YSS: Crush or be crushed?

Want to know if your crush likes you before putting your head on the chopping block of love? Grab a pen and paper and keep track of the number that corresponds to your answers below:

Does your crush know you?

  1. Yes – by first and last name and bus number.
  2. He/She knows my first name.
  3. He/She looked at me once, maybe twice.
  4. Doesn’t know I exist.

Does your crush look you in the eye?

  1. Stares at me constantly.
  2. Always makes eye contact but then looks away.
  3. I think so, sometimes, definitely when I had mayo on my face.
  4. Never. I’m not even on his/her radar screen.

Does your crush show up in unexpected places?

  1. OMG!  Yes, so much it’s freaky.
  2. Not unexpected, but we definitely seem to cross paths regularly.
  3. No, but I will go searching.
  4. He/She is probably a hermit. I can’t ever find him/her.

When you talk to your crush:

  1. He/She smiles at me and we talk a lot.
  2. We don’t have long conversations, but they’re always nice.
  3. Talk? Conversations? Does “Hi” Count?
  4. Words? No need to ever speak.

Have you ever received an email, snapchat or text message from your crush?

  1. Yes, yes and yes, in multiples.
  2. A few. I have his/her addresses available.
  3. Getting a text?!  Like that would be INSANE.
  4. Texting is for BF only.

Do you have common interests with your crush?

  1. Where do I start?
  2. A few, plus I like his/her clothes.
  3. Besides being interested in him/her? Isn’t that a common interest?
  4. Who likes common interests – they’re so common.



10 and under – Hot diggity Crush! Yours is the real deal.

11-15 – You’ve got a nice simmering pot of crush.

16-20 –  You could use to turn up the burner a bit.

20 and over:  The Crush soup is not even on the stove.

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