Beating Anxiety

Updated June 2018.

I’ve worried that my little brother is suffering from anxiety.

What makes you think that?

He’s not sleeping well. Sometimes I wake up to find him on his computer studying. He tells me he can’t sleep because he’s worried about too many things.

Like what? His hair? What to wear? I can help him with those things.

Well, that’s a nice offer Taylor, but no, he says he worried that he’s going to fail in school and then in life. I know lots of us worry about that but his worry is beginning to worry me. He’s lost weight and seems more stressed than I’ve ever seen him and…

It sounds like he needs some help.


Well now he’s got one less thing he has to worry about.

What do you mean?

Somebody helping him. With a brother like you and a post like this, I am sure he will conquer his anxiety.

Anxiety can be devastating to those that are experiencing it and to the loved ones surrounding them. It can cause behavior changes in their home life, their school life and in their relationships. When the change in behavior lasts long enough and has affected life in a significant way, then an anxiety disorder may be diagnosed.

DID YOU KNOW? Chronic worry affects 2-3% of the population

Fortunately, anxiety, whether it is a disorder or not, is a highly treatable condition. This post is meant to help anyone who is suffering from anxiety to begin the process of beating anxiety. (If you want to know what anxiety is, please see the What is Anxiety post)  This post will cover:

A brief recap

Meet the hungry beast

How the hungry beast controls you

How to deal with the hungry beast

Replace the beast – step 1

Replace the beast – step 2 

Replace the beast – steps 3 & 4

Go bury the beast

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  • WLKHS 2121
    Posted at 20:19h, 02 March Reply

    There are a couple of things that make me anxious. For example, school makes me very anxious sometimes when I have a lot of homework or tests to study for. Another thing that makes me anxious is when I travel I get anxious. I just get very nervous when I go to places I don’t know.

  • WLKHS2308
    Posted at 17:31h, 01 March Reply

    Being social and not knowing what to say to other people to try to make conversation. Also having schoolwork and worrying about my grades makes me worry a lot.