Meet the hungry beast

The Hungry Beast is a character created to represent the anxious mind. If you ever feel anxious, you may relate to the Hungry Beast. The Hungry Beast makes you perceive the world as unsafe. In other words, the anxious mind is a character that is influencing you. The anxious mind really is not exactly who you are.

Think of it this way: The Hungry Beast is like a party-crasher. You’ve been having this party (your life) and then boom, the Hungry Beast crashes it. And he’s a real downer at any party. No one wants him there and he wasn’t invited. He just destroys things.

When the Hungry Beast shows up at a party, it start trashing everything. He is full of rage because he has become fearful and worried – hello anxiety. He rears his ugly temper and growls inside your head, convincing you that the situation is beyond  your control. He hates the unexpected. He hates chaos and uncertainty. He craves comfort and control. He is convincing you that you must create this comfort and control. Now! Feed him! Hurry!

How do you feed him? How do you calm him?

You do things like provide comfort: There, there, Hungry Beast, let me soothe you with this entire chocolate cake, and when you give it control, Oh, don’t worry I am going to carry bug spray every where I go and I will never go camping and I will sweep my room 7 times a day so that if there are any spiders they won’t possibly be able to live in my room.

After the chocolate cake and the bug spray now strapped to your belt buckle like a policeman carries a taser, The Hungry Beast is still at your party (in your mind) but with some comfort and control he’s not trashing the place – your mind with anxious thoughts. But he is lounging and drooling all over the sofa – lingering in the back of your mind – just waiting for something to change.

The Hungry Beast perceives danger where none may exist and forces you to comfort it and to control your situation. Because of this, you actually begin to believe that you may be in danger – that you need to comfort the Hungry Beast in order to comfort your self.

Reality: The Hungry Beast is not who you are. Not deep down. It only feels that way sometimes. Remember, the Hungry Beast is a party-crasher and you don’t have to have him at your event.

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