Replace the beast – steps 3 & 4

Third, use your logical brain

Sometimes we get so caught up in our emotions we forget to use our logical thinking to save us! Imagine your logical self stepping in to say, “Hey, what is the proof that you will throw up? You never have!” The logical brain speaks truthful AND beneficial statements. This part of the brain can be hard to use when you are uncomfortable. So consider writing down some helpful statements ahead of time. These statements help you to deal with the situation in a beneficial manner.

JoJo’s statement, that she typed into her phone said, I have never vomited before so even though I may feel queasy, that’s just FrogFace doing his bathroom dance in my mind. I don’t have to pay attention to it. I am just going to focus on the class. Even though speaking in public is uncomfortable for me, if other people can do it, I can too.”

One method that has been found to be quite beneficial is to come up with personal mantras. These are short, truthful statements about yourself that help you get through a tough situation. Like in sports, “I got this!” Or in relationships, “I’m a supportive partner.” Or in school, “I don’t have to be a rocket scientist, just a student who tries!”

Fourth, enlist help

To help you think of true and beneficial statements you may want to ask a friend, parent or trusted adult for help. Because they don’t have the Hungry Beast yelling in their ear, they might have an easier time coming up with statements or strategies that are more beneficial for you.

In fact, keeping your fears and worries to yourself can be draining. Sometimes, people feel relief just by talking about their problems with someone else. Think about who you think would be a good listener or maybe someone who might have had a similar experience to yours. Share what you are experiencing with someone whom you trust.

DID YOU KNOW? We release a chemical, oxytocin, when we are stressed, that prompts us to seek out a friend. Yes! When we are stressed, we are wired to find supportive friends to help us through. Do you? 

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