What Would U Do: Beating anxiety

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You are at a party and suddenly your friend looks at you and says, “I need to get out of here. I feel like everyone is staring at me and the walls are closing in.” You would:

Do you see the walls closing in? If you do, maybe you both need to read the anxiety post again.

Hmmm, your friend is genuinely worried. Are you genuinely concerned? When you feel scared, does it help to have people tell you you are stupid?

You are empathic and understand that leaving may just reinforce his fears. Good for you for giving him the space to calm down but not fully leaving.

You are empathic, but do you think someone in the middle of a panic attack should take a car by themselves?

Parents are good people to consult in times of trouble.

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You can’t seem to stop worrying about your grades. You got a poor grade on your last English test and now keep swirling thoughts around in your mind about how you will never amount to anything. You can’t sleep and you can’t focus. You would:

How do you think they will respond? Are they generally helpful about these things?

Have you read the post on cheating? Is this a long term solution? Does it benefit you in the long term?

Hmmm... is this a long term solution? What happens when you don't do well the next time?

A good start. If you don't feel better though after a week, what is the next step?

Love it. Are you practicing mindfulness too?

Oh wise one, pat yourself on the back. You are going to be fine in the long run.

Our fave answer. Obviously, you have been thoroughly reading this site.

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You went to a sweet party with friends and posted pictures on social media. Your friends did too, and someone tags you in a picture that is not flattering. You would:

Is it? Because maybe one bad picture shouldn't make you lose your friends? What can you say to yourself to help you calm the Hungry Beast?

Not feeding the Hungry Beast. Go focus on what you can control.

Ah, now that's some good communication. What will you say and how will you say it?

What does this accomplish?

Answer the post question here

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