Preventing break-In’s

Being home alone can be scary, especially if you’re watching a scary movie! You hear a noise and immediately imagine someone is outside or trying to break in. Usually it is just a random noise. But just in case someone is trying to break in, you should know how to protect your home and yourself against an intruder. 

OMG that literally happens to me all the time – I hear a noise and freak out! I usually just panic and hide! 

Really?! Me too! I once hid in my laundry basket!

So what do you do? First, be sure to always lock your doors and windows, especially when leaving your house. If one of the doors or windows is broken, make sure to repair it right away. Having lights on outside your house at night is also helpful. Intruders don’t want to be seen, so lights spoil their plans. Also, do not “hide” a spare key outside the house. The first place an intruder will look for a key is by the door. Instead, consider giving the key to a neighbor on whom you can rely. 

If someone knocks on the door, first use the peephole on your door, or the side windows, to identify the person knocking (if you don’t have either, you will have to shout through the door). If you don’t know the person, don’t open the door! You have no obligation to open the door to anyone. If you don’t know them, tell them your parents are on the phone (or sleeping or something) and they will have to return another time. 

If you happen to be home alone and it makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t tell anyone that you’re home alone! And if you’re planning to go away on a vacation make sure not to broadcast it. 

If you are outside your home and you see something suspicious inside your home, or you notice the door is open, call 911 and go to a neighbor’s house. Do not go inside.

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Have you ever heard a scary noise in the house while you were home alone? What did it turn out to be? How did you handle that situation?

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