What Would U Do: Personal Safety

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Your entire family is upstairs in the TV room watching a movie when you smell smoke. Suddenly, your mother says, “Oh my goodness, I totally forgot that I left the stove on to make the popcorn!”. The smoke is thick coming up the stairs. You can’t even see the bottom step. You:

Oh so brave!! But what if you trip on the stairs because the smoke is so thick? What will you do if you get to the fire extinguisher and it doesn't seem to be working?

Put others before yourself is noble! Once everyone is safely out, how will you get out? If you make it, how will you alert the fire department that you need their help?

Level-headed AND grateful! You must be an angel! The only question left is..will you go get popcorn from the store?

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You’re walking down the block after a late night movie. You’re meeting your friends for ice cream who have gone up ahead. You feel someone following you and, using your excellent detective skills, see a hooded figure is approaching. You:

What if cars are coming? Will you risk the traffic to get to the other side? What if the hooded figure follows in quick pursuit after you? Won't you be farther from your friends?

Bold, but maybe not your best bet. They may simply flash you a smile and return the wave, but what if they pull a weapon on you? Or try to grab you?

Interesting tactic! Many people respond to "fire" as opposed to "help!" because a fire will also impact their futures. What if the hooded figure decides to play along with your distraction and is a faster runner than you?

Very important to be ready to call the police for help, but what if the hooded figure takes your phone before you complete the call?

Staying in touch with the people you're with is always a smart move, but what if you don't text the warning message in time?

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A bunch of friends are coming over and you’re in charge of snacks. You frantically make a bunch of yummy stuff but also make a mess - you spill a lot. No worries, you’ll clean it later. Soon, your younger sibling enters with friends and one of them wipes out on the huge smoothie spill on the floor. You hear a thump and then a cry of pain. You:

Super chill, this can be good but what if the crying doesn't stop and your sibling has been seriously hurt? Head injuries can be very serious...

Careful not to slip as you run!! What if you get back and you see your siblings blood on the floor as well?

Careful and cautious, you get a round of applause. What if you see your sibling unconscious on the ground, how will you know if you can help him/her or if it's serious enough to call for help?

Compromises are always commendable but not if your sibling is delirious from a head injury...What if they actually got a concussion from their fall and they just can't tell?

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