Personal Safety

Updated December, 2018.

Hey Taylor, are you going to Keisha’s party tonight?

Totally. I’m going home right now so I can take a bath and get ready for it.

 A bath sounds so nice right now. I have to go to work first so no bath for me.

Oh, that’s too bad. I love taking a bath. I light candles, have lots of bubbles and play music, which of course I turn up when I blow dry my hair.

You don’t blow dry your hair in the bath tub, do you Taylor?

Yeah, of course I do. It’s so relaxing that way.

That’s really dangerous!! If you dropped your blow dryer while it was running you could die!!

What do you mean???

Taylor, a blow dryer uses electricity and water and electricity are a deadly combination. Drop your hairdryer in your tub while you’re in it, and you could electrocute yourself.

Really? I had no idea… I wonder what else I don’t know…

I don’t think we have enough time for that…

What do you know about your personal safety and how you take charge of it? That’s what this post is all about – all the different ways at home and around town that you can protect yourself from accidents and dangers. In this post you will learn about:

Keeping safe when out and about

Accident prevention

Fire prevention

Electrical safety

Poisoning prevention

Preventing break-in’s

(This post was inspired by awesome health teacher, Nicole Harvey formerly of the Mount Vernon NY School District and guided by the information in Glencoe Health, McGraw-Hill, Chapter 26 Injury and Personal Safety.)

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