You versus stress: who wins?

How much stress is too much?

The amount of stress each person can handle is different for each person, just like what causes stress is different for each person. (School work may cause you stress, it doesn’t cause Taylor stress. Two tests in one week may cause you stress, five tests in a week is Steve’s limit.) Here are some factors that will help or hinder your performance in your battle with stress:

Your ability to manage your emotions – You’re not shocked to read that, right? Being aware of and managing your emotions is your BEST defense against stress. Part of that management comes from the other factors below.

Your support system – Having family and friends to whom you can turn when times are tough makes a big difference in your ability to handle stress. This is why we are always encouraging you to reach out to people that you can trust.

Your attitudeStress is less likely to affect optimistic people.  Having a positive outlook helps deflect many things that people find stressful.

Your sense of control Knowing what is in your control and what is out of your control has a large effect on stress. When you try to control things that you truly are unable to control (like what questions will be on a test)… well, that will add to your stress. When you focus your efforts on the things you can control (like how much you will study)… well, then you begin to decrease stress. (See the chapter on the mind/body connection in Book 1.)

Your knowledgeThe more you are prepared for a situation, the less stress you are likely to feel. For instance, if your teacher hands you a review sheet with all the topics that will be on a test, you are more likely to feel prepared (and thus feel less stress) than if she simply tells you to “study.”

 Managing stress is so important. Check out the stress reduction post to find proven methods for stress reduction.

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