What Would U Do: Stress

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You receive a text from a girl you don’t really like. She calls you nasty names and provides no explanation. You would:

Whoa there, calm down. Your reaction without thinking may cause more stress. Do you want more stress?

That’s a great way to not let things stress you out.

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You prepared and studied for weeks for a math placement exam. You really want a good placement. After taking the exam, you would:

Hmmmm. And with those thoughts, how will your stress level be? Can you do anything about the result? Will worrying help the result? Will it help you?

This response ensures that stress won’t come knocking at your door, or own your house!

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You started confessing your feelings to your crush. Your crush admitted feeling the same way. This all happened over text. A week later your crush texts saying that his/her feelings have changed. You would:

Over reaction, maybe?

Less stress, better friendship. No real loss. Plenty of fish in the sea, right?

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You are late to school. You have a math quiz. You run down the hall. The principal screams at you for running. Then you start to sweat. You sit next to your crush for the exam and you can smell your armpits. You would:

Guess what? You’re normal!!)

Really? You rock.

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You hear your parents fighting. You can’t sleep - the sound is horrible. You can hear what they are saying and it makes you really scared that they might get a divorce. You have so much going on at school the next day but they keep you up all night. You would:

This is a very difficult situation and one that many kids face, but dealing with it alone will add more stress to your life. Talk to someone, even your parents.

Speaking your mind in a calm way helps you feel better and may even improve the situation so you feel less stress.

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Your dog was sick all night and your mom will take him to the vet after dropping you off at school. You know you won’t be able to focus…. So….you would...

Good plan because you trust mom and you know that she will do this. That way you can focus on school.

Making a plan ahead of time to decrease anxiety is a good idea, don’t ya think?

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