Bonus YSS: Corbin’s view on stress

The thing I’ve found about stress is that it’s unavoidable. You find it everywhere. So, a way to make it all a little easier is for you to pick and choose what is going to make you stressed out.

For example, I used to get embarrassed really easily because I cared about what people thought too much. That lead to anxiety, insecurities, me getting flustered and my face turning BRIGHT red… making matters worse for me.  When I finally pinned down the problem, I started to think about it rationally. Then, I came to the conclusion that people care way less than you think they do. (This is a weird analogy but people caring is kind of like a canker sore in your mouth or a zit on your face: you always think it’s so much bigger and worse than it actually is.) Other people don’t care at all, and they won’t remember it. You end up realizing that you were getting yourself all worked up over something that was never a big deal to begin with. I bet you 95% of the time, it’s all in your head!

Sometimes it’s just the little things we get all worked up over and other times it’s big things lots of people stress about. By understanding how YOU work is the best way to deal with stress. Stress isn’t something someone else can help you with; it’s all about you. Once you take a stressful situation, break it down, put those feelings into a categorized shelf in your brain, you’ll have those skills and lessons to apply to other stressful situations in the future. By thinking rationally about situations that stress you out, you’ll start to realize that some things are just not worth stressing over and can be easily fixed or they are situations that can be easily avoided by handling them right.

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