Support your resilience by connecting with others

In the past few sub-posts, you have read about individual qualities that are associated with higher resilience. All of those qualities can be built and practiced through conscious awareness. 

However, perhaps most important of all, your resilience may not simply depend on qualities within you but rather on something around you: your social support.

Research suggests that those who are resilient often have strong support networks and reach out to them when needed. Social relationships help us to manage stress and indeed, having strong relationships is linked to better overall well-being.


In fact, in times of stress, our bodies actually release oxytocin. What’s that? Its nickname is the “cuddle hormone” because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about other people, it makes you want to be around them. So why would our bodies release it in times of stress? Because being around others and having the help of others is helpful. Other people, who are supportive of us, help us to stay strong.

Think about what happens when someone passes away: people gather. It is human nature to give support to other people and to receive that support in times of distress. The support of other people helps you to get through the tough times. Therefore other people make you more resilient.

So if ever you are feeling a bit down and need a little help bouncing back, keep in mind the words of our founding father Ben Franklin:

“Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Post Question:

To whom do you turn when you need help with a problem? Do you tend to reach out or go within? Why?

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