What Would U Do: Resilience

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You get up to find there's no milk for your cereal, the dog wet your carpet, your favorite white shirt is now pink and your phone battery has died. Your would...

You just want to crawl in a hole. We get it. You may wonder: What else could go wrong in your day? What else could go right?

Hmmm... you may need to read up on resilience a little more, maybe even stress relief and anger management might be on that list too. Only if you want.

Wow. Good for you. The resilience meter just ticked over the edge... impressive.

Good recovery on the surface, but who's going to get the brunt of it? Maybe try a few meditation exercises or read "Your Thoughts" in the books? Only suggestions.

Question 2 of 2

You notice that your friend always plays the "victim" card. Things are never her fault, always someone else's. It's starting to bug you. You would...

Straight up. Good for you. Straight up with a slice of compassion may help her too.

Playing the victim seems to get her things.... but then again it bugged you. Might you now bug others? Might you begin a habit that is hard to break?

OK. When will you say something if ever? (Just asking our annoying questions, like always.)

Hmmm... and how does this play our in your head?

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