Updated October, 2018.

What’s up Nicki? You look so down.

Yeah. Well you know, I bombed my math test last week and I just can’t seem to get over it.

A math test?  You’re bummed out about a math test? Not about your hair?  Or clothes?

Is something wrong with my hair?

Don’t pay attention to that Nicki, but you shouldn’t pay so much attention to your math test either.  I mean, yeah, it stinks to get a bad grade, but you shouldn’t let it get you so down for so long.

I would never let a math test get me so down.

Tell me something I don’t know Taylor.

Sounds like resilience would help at this point.

Resilience? What’s that?

Resilience is your ability to bounce back from life’s challenges, your ability to “deal” after something bad or difficult has happened. It’s a skill, and for some people it’s a skill that comes very easily.  For others, it needs a little practice.  But for everyone, it’s a REALLY important skill to have and understand. That’s why we’ve created this post—to get you thinking about resilience and to help you to bring a bit more resilience into your life.

This post includes:

What resilience is

A few examples to show why it is important

Build resilience with emotion management

Build resilience by searching for solutions

Build resilience through perseverance and hard work

Build resilience by maintaining perspective

Support your resilience by connecting with others


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