What resilience is

Resilience is the “ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like.”


Let’s face it: life is full of challenges, disappointments and lots of curve balls. Everyone experiences difficult times. But how well you are able to manage those difficult times depends on how resilient you are. Some people become overwhelmed by their emotions and break down at the slightest challenge. Oh no! I’ve lost my hair tie!! I’m doomed! while others seem to be able to manage anything that comes their way. “Yes, my dog died yesterday, my computer crashed and I think I have poison ivy. I’m sad, stressed and itchy, but I’ll make it through.”

Some people just seem more resilient than others. Some people struggle with resilience, like Nicki. Other people, like Taylor, aren’t bothered by many things but they aren’t necessarily skilled at resilience: they are just oblivious to the negative impact of their experiences. (Like Taylor who doesn’t let her poor grades get her down, but when Taylor can’t get a job because her grades are poor, she will need resilience to weather (get through) her un-employment. She may not have it.) Others are more naturally resilient, like Steve. 

Being resilient doesn’t mean that you don’t experience stress or emotional pain. On the contrary, those who are resilient tend to have the following qualities:

  • they are more aware of their emotions and can manage them well,
  • they develop strategies in the face of challenges to move forward, 
  • they are able to be uncomfortable for awhile and believe in their own abilities to resolve the situation or find peace with  it

Resilience is a skill and regardless of where you are now, you can develop your resilience skills. Yes. Read it again: Resilience is a skill you can develop.

Why did we ask you to read that twice? Because when you understand that something is a skill – like juggling a soccer ball, drawing, playing the guitar – it means that it can be developed and strengthened.

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