Bonus YSS: Face-to-face communication tips

Do you like someone in that special feeling, all goofy head at times kind of way? Now you want to talk to that person about more than just homework, but you don’t know what to say without sounding like a goof ball? Just how do you start a conversation with someone in whom you are interested? Sometimes just thinking about it makes anyone nervous!

When we are nervous we feel like we are stuttering, turning bright red, our zippers are down and we have toilet paper on our shoes – all at the same time! When this happens we turn into a survival mode species, because our brain surge has literally gone to our survival (fight, flight, freeze) and not to our communication skills. Hence, we can stand there, frigid in time, having no idea what to say, thirty seconds after having a really interesting and humorous convo with our best friend. That’s because when we stress, our ability to think is compromised. Wait, hold the presses!

Yes! This also happens when you are trying to study for a test but you are preoccupied with another stress, like a bully or a family problem. You can’t think!

So, managing your stress helps us in many ways, most notably right now when we are trying to effectively and successfully communicate with a love interest. Below are a few tips to help.

1 Plan ahead. Why not think of a few things to discuss before you text, see, or accidentally run into your crush. Having a purpose or a point makes you more interesting so plan ahead.

2 Think about your nonverbal cues. Eye contact is really key, so is a smile, and arms not folded across your chest like you’re conducting an inspection.

3 Listening is the other half of communication so be sure to send the message that you are listening to understand, not that you are waiting to say your thing.

4 Interrupting is like an emotional stabbing so wait your turn and refer to number three above again.

5 Observe and feel how other people communicate with you. Use that information when you communicate.

6 Avoid miscommunication by repeating what you think the other has said.

Now that you have read all this healthy relationship stuff, feel free to post below in the post question box about how it all goes in your next relationship!

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