What Would U Do: Healthy relationships

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You have a massive crush on your friend’s partner. While waiting for your friend to show up at a party, the partner starts to hit on you. You would...

Ready for a little time in the limelight? Natural... but will your friend's feelings of jealousy be natural too?

Going for it all aren't you? Well, all except for that friendship you had. Just sayin'.

A subtle reminder you are hoping works because you can't quite muster up the ability to be blunt and in his/her face... that cute face kind of gets ya, doesn't it?

Whew, at least your off the hot seat there right... although the seating in the bathroom isn't really that great.

Telling him/her you're not interested even though you are means you are loyal to your friend. Lucky her. Although she might not be so lucky if he continues to do this with other people.

Telling him/her you're not interested even though you are means you are loyal to your friend. Lucky her. Telling her about it can be tough but we know you have the best of intentions: to warn her to be careful. How are your feeling about the crush now?

Wow. Very clear aren't you?

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You’ve been dating your partner now for six months and your feelings are starting to go cold. You think you want to break up. You would...

No use in prolonging it, right? You feel that being honest is important and best in the long run.

Because you think being straight forward is right, right? But is texting straight forward? We're not saying it is or isn't, we are just asking the question and this one as well, "How would you feel to get a text like that?"

Ahhh, you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. We understand, you're nice. But what happens when you begin to like someone else? Will your ex see that you are not too busy then? We are not judging! We are just asking the questions to make sure that you, being as nice as you are, pick the best action for your nice-ness.

What makes breaking up so uncomfortable for you? Why is it better is someone else does it for you? Who is in control of your life? Don't you hate us for asking?;)

Well, now there's a solution. Is it how you would want him/her to let you know?

What if a better opportunity doesn't happen because you are viewed as together with someone? Just one possible consequence.

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Your friend thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her. When she confronts him he denies it and accuses her of being paranoid. You are 95% sure that he is cheating on her. You would....

Watching a lot of CSI lately? How will you do this? is it safe? Will there be retaliation? Hey! It's our job to ask the questions!

You are just doing what feels right to you and sometimes you need to go with your instincts.

You don't want to get involved. You believe a relationship is between two people not three. We get it. When, if ever, do you step in? When would you want someone to say something to you?

You're not afraid of telling it like you see it.

We're not 100% sure what to say to this.

Have you read "Your Media World" in the books?

A shoulder to cry on is a great aspect of a friend. And the voo doo doll.... we're keeping our mouths shut just in case you have one for us!

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