Who are you when it comes to drugs?

The first sub-post of this Drugs in General Post asked you to step outside of yourself, help the chicken cross the road (were you paying attention?), suspend judgment and just learn about the topic. Then you were asked to figure out who you are in relation to the topic.

Here’s the deal: That may not be so easy.

Why? Because of the mixed evidence and messages you hear and receive from well-meaning people. Sure, you just read about how bad drugs are for you but then again, you may have seen some of your friends do drugs and get by… seems like fun, seems like they are doing ok, seems like celebs are doing them and surviving, seems like adults need to lighten up a bit, huh? It can be really hard to figure out what the truth is.

Just how dangerous you decide drugs are and just how much a role they will play in your life (or not) is up to you. Just make sure you weigh all the evidence carefully and, most important, make sure you read about addiction before making up your mind. Addiction is one of the most important elements in the world of drug use and an element that often gets ignored. There is not a single hard core drug addict that ever started out thinking or saying, “I will be a total waste case drug addict.” In fact, many started out thinking or saying, “Addiction? That will never happen to me. Heroin? No way. I’ll never let it get that far.”

So, the question remains: Who are you when it comes to drugs? Have you figured it out yet? Who you were yesterday may be one answer. Who you are today may be a different one. What about who you will be tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that until you are, let’s say…. 95? Who will you be?

Only you can answer that but we hope to meet you at 95 happy and healthy and having lived a wonderful life. We believe that if you believe in yourself, you are on the right road to making that happen. As you begin that journey, here are Patrick’s words of wisdom about how to get there:

A message from Patrick:

My opinion on the reason why not just kids, but anyone, continue to do drugs is simply, addiction. It’s a life sucking, uncaring, destructive habit. It has no emotion, and it will never try to stop you. Only you, can stop you. You can seek help, but the choice is ultimately yours to change your life. I think people continue to do it knowing it’s harmful, is because they think they can do it now and worry about the consequences later, and that’s it. It’s them convincing themselves that it’ll be okay. They’ve done it before and it was fine so they can do it again. It’s all a false mentality, but it’s a very blinding one. Drug addiction was the hardest struggle I’ve ever experienced in my life. Nothing in my experiences has ever been more stressful, and difficult. Every day was hard, and every high was temporary, but all the turmoil it caused was real, and in some cases, permanent. Please understand, it’s never too late to stop. To end the self infliction of wounds you continuously experience on a regular basis, open your eyes and see that it’s not who you are, it’s not who you want to be, and you ARE better than the drugs. You are better than the addiction. There will always be someone who loves and cares about you, and will drop everything to help you. Whoever reads this, and does not believe that, well I can say I love you. And I care for you, and do not want to see you go through what I went through. I would never wish it on anyone. Take a look in the mirror and examine yourself closely. It’s not who you are. Make the effort to stop. It’s very possible to stop, seek help, seek friends, seek me if you have to. There is help out there, and there is an end to the pain. Just make the choice to change, and do better for yourself. For those who haven’t tried drugs, you are doing a good job. Keep staying away from drugs because it will take everything from you in the blink of an eye. I wish the best for everyone out there. Stay strong, believe in yourself, and as always, love yourself, love your life, never give in, and NEVER give up.


Best wishes to everyone out there,


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