A few answers to the question “Why?”

Just like Nicki and Taylor, many people wonder “Why do people become involved with drugs?” So we asked our “agents in the field” – our “boots on ground” personnel – to do some recon on this exact question: “Why are teens doing drugs when it’s so clearly not a good idea?”

Corbin (our top field agent) interviewed a bunch of teens and found some answers to this question.

Meanwhile, Patrick, who wrote the compelling personal story about his life and death (literally, he died) experience with drugs (see Bonus YSS sub-post), has provided some insight and responses to the responses below. Patrick gives it to you straight, and we appreciate him for that. Let’s get started:

Teen answer: “I don’t really know. I know it’s bad for me but I also know that when I get older and have a job and family I won’t be doing these things. So, I guess I feel like if I’m ever going to do it, I should do it now so I’m not ever tempted when I’m older” – Age 16 – Weed, every once and awhile

Patrick’s response: This is exactly how it began for me. When I smoked pot occasionally, I thought, hey, no big deal. I won’t be doing it forever, especially when I’m older and getting my adult life going. I was more wrong than ever. It continued and continued until it had devastating outcomes. Convincing yourself that it’s okay now, does not mean you won’t convince yourself it’s okay later. You definitely will find an excuse to make it okay later, just as easy as you will currently. The best thing you can do, is never start, and if you already have, stop, and stop immediately. Only then will you stay in control of yourself, and your life.

Teen answer: “Curiosity. That’s the biggest part. I just want to know for myself what it is like.” -Age 16 – No useage

Patrick’s response: Curiosity plays one of the largest roles in drug abuse. You try one thing and you’re like, well, hey that was fun, I wonder what else is fun. That’s where you start going bigger and bigger. Not only trying different, more hardcore drugs, you also start trying different ways of getting high off them. One day you’re smoking pot thinking no big deal. Then your curiosity kicks in, and before you know it, you’re shooting up heroin. One thing about curiosity is, you can always choose to deny it. Don’t find out what drugs can do, don’t find out new ways to do them. You’re doing yourself a HUGE favor that way. It’s better not to ever know what it’s like. Trust me, you’re not missing anything, except a life of stress, torment, and depression.

Teen answer: “I hate to admit it, but I did it for attention. My parents are always caught up in everything else and all my siblings are doing their own thing, so I thought I could try pot to get some attention. I now know that’s not the answer and haven’t since.” – Age 15

Patrick’s response: This one saddens me because I have a little experience with not getting enough attention. You cannot use that as a reason to use though. It won’t fill the hole you’re looking to fill. It will only create bigger, more painful holes. Holes that you will repeatedly try to fill day after day and you will be forever disappointed, which will throw you deeper into your addiction. I can see where you think pot would be acceptable, because it’s so common, and it’s not so “hardcore,” but that is completely false. Weed is the main gateway drug that turns most teens these days with a future, into lifeless bums who want to do nothing but get high and sit around. This will be your downfall, I promise you. If you have dreams, weed will not hesitate to take them away. In my opinion, it’s just as dangerous as any other drug.

Teen answer: “It looks like a lot of fun. People sing about it all the time in pop songs so that kinda makes it popular”- Age 14 – on the weekends

Patrick response: This is one of the most unfortunate responses I have read. This is why you cannot idolize these pop stars and these rappers who sing and rap about drugs all the time. Nothing about drugs or abusing them, or selling them is cool. Most of those rappers that do rap about them have had massive drug addictions that have ruined them. They’ve been sent to prison or they’ve been on hiatus because they would rather be taking their next big hit than making their next big hit. I’m going to include a link, even though it’s Wikipedia and people question its validity, the information here is solid. Just scroll the page and see how many people died drug-related deaths.  Here is the link, please just scroll the page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_drug-related_deaths

Post Question:

Which do you think is a bigger factor in trying drugs: peer pressure, curiosity or wanting to escape? Why?

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